Monday, 25 April 2011

A bit of a catch up....

Well, I will have to give you a bit of a whistlestop tour through the last few months so I can catch up! I have been working on my pieces for the bead journal project slowly but also working hard on this little one...I found out on Christmas day that we were expecting a baby and it hasn't been the smoothest ride but all is fine now. This scan was done at 20 weeks and all was present and correct and we were told we were having a little girl! So another beader in the making.....
On a bead front, I completed my January BJP piece:
Froglet Brooch
I am using my chosen theme of bead embroidered pieces as this is a technique that I love but somehow don't use that often.
He has already gone to his new home with my mother and the next piece is nearly complete!
More on that next time....



  1. Hi Aster lovely to see your post, sorry to hear your first weeks of pregnancy were not, but am glad to hear every thing is ok now. Your bead embroidered piece is lovely, i love the little froggy. I love bead embroidery, i'll be working on a couple my self in the next month or so.

  2. Hi Lynsey, yes she has been a bit of a worry for me already! Doesn't bode well! The frog was a 'can't resist' bead from Purple Beech Designs here:
    I loved him but my mother loves him more!
    Aster x

  3. Hi Aster, congratulations on your baby news! I hope it's all smooth running from now on. Love your projects in Beads and Beyond - it's so nice to see such wearable, pretty beadwork designs, BaB always seem to get it right with their beadwork.


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